How to Add Videos on Pinterest? A Complete Guide to Post Your Videos

Pinterest is a visual search engine that lets you find and organize things that matter to you, without forcing you to interact with other people and view their lives. While sharing pictures has been the main focus for years, users can now upload videos from large PCs, tablets, and small phones to the larger ones. So, how to add videos on Pinterest?

You can create mood boards on Pinterest without having to deal with the mess. You are encouraged by the platform to gather concepts as pictures and organize them. Its defiance of social media conventions is what sets it apart. 

About Adding Videos on Pinterest:

There are two methods for pinning videos on Pinterest. Idea Pins are used in the first technique. This feature, which was formerly known as Story Pins, lets you display several clips in a single post. It has a capacity of 20 videos or pictures. Any length of video is acceptable as long as the total time doesn’t go over five minutes. Pinterest compels you to cut it if it does. Tutorials are the ideal use case for this pin.

To ensure that viewers follow your process without missing any steps, you can include a list of ingredients, supplies, or notes. Idea pins upload as a single video, with each clip flowing naturally into the next. However, you can upload video pins in the same way as you would regular image pins.

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How to Add Videos on Pinterest?

You can post videos easily with the Pinterest mobile app. Idea pins can be created with a personal account, but Video pins can only be accessed with a business account. Additionally, they offer a condensed view of your analytics. 

To create and advertise video pins from a PC, use Pinterest Ads Manager. It’s a different domain devoted to assisting you in launching fresh campaigns or promoting already-existing pins.

  • Drag your finger down to the lower-right corner of Pinterest and select your profile icon.
  • Click on the settings icon located in the top-right corner.
  • Navigate to Account Management > Change to a Business Account.
  • Select “Convert account.”
  • Add the name of your business profile. Your profile’s current name is altered by this setting.
  • Provide the URL of your website. To access one, select No website yet.
  • Select an activity from the list of options for your business. To proceed, then tap Next.
  • Choose if to run advertisements through your account. You can still create campaigns in the future with this option enabled.
  • Completing your business account requires you to follow the remaining instructions.

What Types of Videos are Best for Pinterest?

Any one-minute or less video that serves as a good introduction to your recipe, project, or merchandise. In our beta testing, 30 second videos outperformed longer ones. 

For most industries, clicks and saves decreased with every additional second that the video was on. You can even create audiograms for your podcast, though our testing hasn’t shown them to work particularly well.

Those who post food videos, in the hyper-lapse format that we frequently see on Facebook, allow viewers to see the ingredients and how simple the recipe is to prepare, giving viewers an idea of how simple the recipe is to make. They’ll quickly visit your website.

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Videos of crafts or do-it-yourself projects that show the process will encourage people to try their hand at creativity. Consider how you can motivate your viewers to act after watching your video. 

Knitting, doing a home décor project, or organizing a space. They can all be brief teasers to pique the interest of your audience and encourage them to click.

Final words

Pinterest has made it clear that they do not allow watermarked content to be found on their site. According to Pinterest, watermarked content might not function as well and might only be distributed so widely.

Make every effort to get rid of any watermarks from other platforms, like Instagram or TikTok, from your content before posting it on Pinterest. 

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