MetroPCS eSIM Activation: A Detail Guide To Follow

MetroPCS eSIM ActivationeSIM is supported by several networks, including MetroPCS. Due to its many benefits over the traditional SIM card, eSIM is becoming more and more common. You can virtually instantly purchase and activate the SIM on your device with the eSIM. The SIM can be delivered to your address without making you wait days.

On the MetroPCS network, eSIM activation is very similar to physical SIM activation. One difference in the procedure is that after activating the eSIM online, you need to install it on your device.

What to do Before eSIM Activation On MetroPCS?

There are a few steps you must complete before diving into MetroPCS’s incredibly convenient eSIM world. You need not worry; we have you covered! Together, let’s go through them.

Check eSIM Support On the Device

First things come first. Not every gadget has joined the eSIM bandwagon yet. Thus, take a moment to confirm that your phone supports eSIMs. Check out MetroPCS’s list of eSIM-compatible devices while you’re at it. You can then determine with certainty whether MetroPCS and your device are a match made in tech heaven.

Update Device Firmware

You must make sure that the device you are adding to the network has the most recent firmware installed.

Wireless Network

There’s one last item we need to discuss before we fully embrace the eSIM wave on MetroPCS: internet access. You need to be online in order to activate your eSIM. The catch is that you can’t use mobile data until your device is fully configured. What is the strategy, then?

Verify that you are close to a robust Wi-Fi network! Make sure the network is fast and stable, whether it’s at your house, a friend’s, or that quaint cafe across the street. Consider it as the virtual runway leading up to your eSIM’s official MetroPCS launch. 

MetroPCS eSIM Activation:

  • To install your new SIM card and turn on your phone, follow the instructions below.
  • Name, address, and eight-digit PIN—which you will need to access your account—are all required.
  • The plastic card that houses your SIM has your SIM card serial number on it. 
  • You can find your phone’s serial number, also known as its IMEI number, on the box and packaging it came in or underneath the battery.
  • Using the included adapter, place the nano SIM card into your phone (if required). 
  • After the SIM card is installed, put the battery back in and charge the device.
  • Select the features and talk/text plan that offers unlimited data.
  • You can initiate your service by paying in-store, getting a MetroPCS payment card in addition to your SIM, or supplying a credit or debit card when your service is activated.
  • From any phone other than the one you are trying to activate, dial 1.888.8metro8. 
  • You can get help from a MetroPCS activation representative to start your service and pay for the first month.

MetroPCS eSIM Activation: Here Are Other Effective Ways

Activating an eSIM card and activating a physical one are fairly similar processes. To understand how to activate an eSIM on different phones, just follow the instructions below.

MetroPCS eSIM Activation for iPhone

  • If you want to activate eSIM for iPhone then you must proceed with the below steps.
  • Be sure to connect your iPhone to a WiFi network in order to activate MetroPCS eSIM for iPhone.
  • T-Mobile needs to notify you that the cellular plan is prepared for installation at this point.
  • Next, click the alert to establish a connection to the Metro by T-Mobile network.
  • Please make sure to tap on settings > cellular > add cellular plan if you did not receive the notification.
  • Then, simply scan the QR code with the phone’s camera or manually enter T-MOBILE.GDSB.NET as the SM-DP+ Address.
  • In the end, select “Add Cellular Plan.”

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MetroPCS eSIM Activation for Samsung

  • Shake off all worries because activating eSIM for your Samsung is super easy. Just follow each step below.
  • Always remember to check and turn on your WiFi connection before activating MetroPCS eSIM for Samsung.
  • Simply select Settings > Connections > SIM card manager > Add mobile plan > Scan carrier QR Code from your home screen.
  • After that, you should manually enter the SM-DP+ Address, T-MOBILE.GDSB.NET, or use the phone’s camera to scan the QR code.
  • Then simply press Confirm.

MetroPCS eSIM Activation for Google Pixel

  • To activate eSIM for Google Pixel you must remember few steps. These are as follows:
  • Make sure to turn on your WiFi and navigate to the home screen before activating MetroPCS eSIM for Google Pixel.
  • Simply select Settings and then Network & Internet from the menu.
  • Next, select the + icon next to the SIMs menu. and select T-Mobile > Download your SIM > Next.
  • Next, be sure to manually enter the SM-DP+ address, T-MOBILE.GDSB.NET, or use the phone’s camera to scan the QR code.
  • Press the Confirm button. If you have attempted the aforementioned steps and are still unable to activate your eSIM card, visit a store or get in touch with MetroPCS Customer Support.

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Can You Activate eSIM On MetroPCS?

As was previously mentioned, activating an eSIM on MetroPCS is comparable to activating a physical SIM card. In order to activate your line as a new customer, follow the instructions in this post.

  • Go to the account page for MetroPCS.
  • To log into your account, enter your phone number and PIN.
  • To move the account to a different device, click Switch Device and follow the instructions.
  • You can also give MetroPCS customer service a call at 1-888-863-8768 to have the process finished for you.
  • Can You Replace Physical SIM Card to eSIM on MetroPCS?
  • Using MetroPCS, you can indeed convert from a physical SIM card to an eSIM. Should you require assistance with this process, you should go to a MetroPCS store or get in touch with customer support.


eSIM is a shining example of innovation and convenience. The switch to eSIM is made even easier with MetroPCS, whether you’re team Pixel, Galaxy, or iPhone. The days of awaiting physical SIM cards and struggling to insert them are long gone. These days, all it takes is a few clicks and taps.

Therefore, if you’ve been hesitant to switch, maybe this guide helped clear some things up and encouraged you to give eSIM a try. MetroPCS is prepared to assist you in simplifying your digital life. Let’s embrace the forthcoming, one eSIM at a time!

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