TUTORIAL: How to Uninstall Kiddions Mod Menu?

Kiddions Mod Menu is a popular mod menu for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) that allows players to access a variety of cheats and hacks while making the game a more fun experience. However, some players may want to uninstall the mod menu for its potential risks or other reasons, such as wanting to play the game without cheats or trying out a different mod menu. Suppose you are also thinking about uninstalling the Kiddions mod menu but are unsure how to do that or what might happen to the game after uninstalling. In that case, this article has all the answers you are looking for.

In this writing, we will discuss how to uninstall Kiddions Mod Menu and provide more related information about the mod menu.

How to Uninstall?

Uninstalling the Kiddions Mod Menu is a straightforward task. To do that, you can delete the exe file. The mod menu doesn’t create any new files except the JSON files, which you could keep if you have saved hotkeys and stuff, but if you don’t care about the JSON files, delete them, too.

This process is straightforward and can be done very quickly. However, it is essential to remember that uninstalling the mod menu will not remove any changes made to the game while using it. Therefore, creating a backup of the game files would be better before installing the Kiddions Mod Menu or any other mod menu.

  • click windows button.
  • right click Kiddions Mod Menu.
  • click more.
  • click open file location.
  • right click Kiddions Mod Menu.
  • Click delete.

Uninstall Kiddions Mod

N.B: Just delete the folder and it’ll be gone from your system. It won’t show in Control Panel since you didn’t go through a process of installing it.

Kiddions doesn’t install anything on your computer. The menu is external so it doesn’t need to. Once you delete the folder containing the files everything will be gone.

More about Kiddions Mod Menu

Kiddions Mod Menu is a popular mod menu for GTA V that allows players to access a variety of cheats and hacks. Some of the key features of the mod menu include:

Money Drop

The Money Drop feature empowers users to drop money within the game, fostering an environment where players can enhance their in-game wealth or share resources with others. This unique capability adds a dynamic layer to the gaming experience, allowing for cooperative financial interactions.

Vhicle Spawner

They are enabling the Vehicle Spawner feature, which grants players the freedom to summon any vehicle present in the game and offers a diverse and customizable approach to gameplay. This feature enhances players ‘ control over their in-game transportation options, whether for strategic advantages or to explore the virtual world in style.

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The recovery feature is valuable for players seeking to regain control over their accounts. Whether users wish to reset their rank or unlock achievements, this feature can restore and reshape their in-game progress, ensuring a personalized and flexible gaming journey.


Protections, as a feature, empower players to safeguard themselves from potential disruptions caused by other modders in the game. This defensive mechanism adds a layer of security to the gaming experience, preserving the integrity of individual gameplay and enhancing overall enjoyment. These features contribute to a dynamic and user-centric gaming environment, emphasizing creativity, collaboration, and personalization.

Kiddions Mod Menu is a free mod menu that can be downloaded from various websites. It can make your game playing a lot more fun. However, you may have concerns about the game’s terms of service, as that strictly stands against the usage of any Mod Menu. Therefore, using mod menus at your own risk and creating a backup of the game files before installing any mod menu is recommended. You always have the option to go back to playing the game without the Mod Menu anytime, just by uninstalling the Mod Menu.


In conclusion, uninstalling Kiddions Mod Menu is a simple process that can be done by deleting the exe file. However, it is essential to note that uninstalling the mod menu will not remove any changes made to the game while using the mod menu. Kiddions Mod Menu for GTA V allows game players like you to access a variety of cheats and hacks. Yet, using mod menus in GTA V is against the game’s terms of service and can result in a ban from the competition. Be aware of the risk, and never forget to create a backup before installing the Kiddions mod menu or any other mod menus.

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