Kiddions Mod Menu not Working 2024: how to fix it

There are several reasons why the Kiddions Mod Menu might not work for some users. Some may face issues like the Mod Menu not transmitting to the game, keys not working, or inability to use the options visible on the screen, among other similar problems. In this essay, we will analyze these common issues and suggest some potential solutions.

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Let’s first learn about the most common issues, then move on to the solution/fixing part.

Most Common Issues

The most common causes of Kiddions Mod Menu not working are as follows-

  • The keys do not work even after the software boots up
  • Even though the options are visible on the device screen, the user cannot use them
  • Being unable to use the spawn option or process any command

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How to Fix It?

The above issues typically arise from needing to allow the mod to run independently. You can try out the following solutions to fix it-

Never forget to keep the Numlock on

One everyday issue users face is the Mod Menu not transmitting commands to the game. This can often be attributed to Numlock being turned off. Since many of the mod’s functions involve numeric and special keys, keeping Numlock on ensures the commands are properly executed.

Stop the Real-time Virus Scanning

Disabling real-time virus scanning is another potential solution. Some antivirus programs may erroneously flag the mod as a threat, preventing it from running smoothly. Temporarily turning off real-time scanning allows users to run the mod without interruptions. However, it’s crucial to re-enable this feature promptly to maintain system security.

Check Windows Defender Settings

Make sure that Windows Defender doesn’t block the mod. Windows Defender, as a built-in security feature in Windows, may block external programs like Kiddions Mod Menu. Re-enable it if it’s blocked, and then launch the mod.

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Make an Antivirus Exception

Creating an exception for Modest-menu.exe in antivirus software is a proactive step to prevent interference. This is especially relevant for Windows Defender, which might categorize the mod as a potential threat. Adding the mod to the antivirus exception list ensures that it can run without being blocked, maintaining a seamless experience for the user.

Exclude Mod Menu Folder from Antivirus Program

Users encountering issues with the Mod Menu are advised to exclude the Mod Menu folder from their Windows Defender or dedicated antivirus program. This can prevent the antivirus program from interfering with the Mod Menu’s functionality. By adding an exclusion for the Mod Menu folder, users can mitigate potential conflicts and ensure the smooth operation of the Mod Menu.

Alternative Keyboard Usage

Some users may need help using the Mod Menu with keyboards that lack a number pad. However, methods are available to utilize the Kiddions Mod Menu without a number pad on the keyboard. By exploring alternative keyboard usage techniques, users can overcome compatibility issues and effectively access the Mod Menu’s features, enhancing their overall gameplay experience.

By implementing these potential solutions, users can often resolve common issues encountered using the Kiddions Mod Menu. If these solutions still do not work for you, seeking further assistance from the mod’s community, forums, or support channels can be more appropriate. The modding community often has experienced users who may have encountered and resolved similar issues. Additionally, the support channels associated with the mod may provide -valuable insights and precise guidance- tailored to the mod’s functionalities and potential conflicts with different systems.


In summary, while the Kiddions Mod Menu offers various features to enhance the GTA 5 gameplay experience, users may face challenges such as the Mod Menu not appearing, hotkeys not functioning, or options failing to work as intended. By following the suggested solutions and leveraging community resources, users can navigate and address these issues effectively, enabling them to make the most of the Mod Menu’s capabilities.

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