7 Ways To Fix Metro PCS Hotspot Not Working Issue: Explore The Reasons

If reception on your primary device was lost, it’s possible that your MetroPCS hotspot stopped functioning. If not, possible suspects include an overloaded network, inadequate bandwidth, a problem with your device, or interference from nearby areas. Here you will know about 7 Ways To Fix Metro PCS Hotspot Not Working Issue.

For business or pleasure, a working hotspot can give you a safe and practical means to use your MetroPCS device to access the internet. But when your hotspot isn’t performing as it should, that can be annoying. Any number of factors, from network constraints to technical problems, could be the cause of your hotspot’s malfunction.

Why is Metro PCS Hotspot Not Working?

There may be a number of causes for this problem, and identifying them is the first step in finding a solution. Let’s examine a few typical variables that may have an impact on your hotspot’s performance.

  • Congestion in the Network

Congestion or heavy network traffic can also cause problems with hotspots. The network may get overloaded during busy times of day or in crowded places, leading to slow speeds or disconnections. This may also have an impact on how well your hotspot works. 

  • Software Issues

Hotspots can encounter software or firmware issues just like any other electronic device. Connectivity problems may arise from outdated firmware or incompatible software. 

  • Inadequate Data Coverage

Lack of data coverage in your location is one of the most frequent causes of hotspot problems. Your hotspot’s performance may suffer if you are in an area with spotty or no signal. 

  • Compatibility of Devices

If the device you are attempting to connect to isn’t compatible with the hotspot feature, your hotspot might not function. Make sure the gadget is compatible with your hotspot settings and supports the required Wi-Fi protocols.

  • Limitations on Accounts

If your plan has any specific account restrictions, your MetroPCS hotspot might not function. Certain plans have restrictions on how much can be used as a hotspot, like data caps or maximums for the number of connected devices. 

  • Getting too hot

Hotspots can occasionally overheat, particularly if they are used in hot conditions or for extended periods of time. Performance problems or even the device shutting down can be caused by overheating.

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7 Ways To Fix Metro PCS Hotspot Not Working Issue

There are 7 ways to fix all the issues you faced with metro PCS hotspot:

Way 1: Reduce Network Usage

The following is a list of some things you can cut back on to maintain network usage:

  • Put an end to any active uploads or downloads.
  • Don’t seed any files or torrents that you have downloaded from the internet.
  • Lower the resolution of any streaming that may be using a lot of network bandwidth.
  • Verify whether any apps are receiving updates right now.
  • Any VPN software that is operating on the hotspot or receiver devices should be turned off.

Way 2: Fix Wi-Fi Settings

After trying every possible fix, if the MetroPCS hotspot still doesn’t work, you should try adjusting the Wi-Fi coverage and settings. The best ways to fix your WiFi are as follows:

  • Reconnect from the secondary devices’ hotspot a few times.
  • Re-add the WiFi name from your secondary devices after forgetting it.
  • Restart your primary device’s Wi-Fi.
  • Select an alternative hotspot password.
  • Reinstall the WiFi on your extra devices after forgetting about it.
  • Your primary and secondary devices’ firmware should be updated.

Way 3: Factory Reset Your Mobile Device

The best course of action would be to factory reset your phone if you made any changes to the hotspot settings and are unable to retrieve them. The factory reset will restore your hotspot’s default configurations, even if nothing changed. Follow the steps below: 

  • Navigate to the System tab/settings in your phone’s settings.
  • Search for a tab labeled “Backup” or “Backup and Reset.”
  • Click on “Reset to factory defaults,”.
  • To perform a factory reset, adhere to your device’s on-screen instructions.

Way 4: Set Up Access Point Name

After inserting the SIM card, if you are configuring a new device or have switched devices, you should definitely set up an APN so that your device can connect to mobile data. Take the actions listed below:

  • Go to your device’s Settings.
  • Select More after navigating to Wireless Networks.
  • Select APN under Cellular Networks.
  • Launch the T-Mobile APN. In case it’s absent, select Menu > New APN.
  • APN settings should be aligned according to recommendation.

Way 5: Re-Insert the T-Mobile SIM Card

It’s crucial to properly insert the SIM card to prevent harm to both the card and the compartment. You can test your hotspot and verify that the card is being successfully read if your device asks for a SIM card PIN.

  • Activate your cellular data plan and WiFi!
  • If your device connects to a WiFi network automatically, disconnect from it.
  • Activate your own WiFi hotspot.
  • Hold off for a brief moment.

Way 6: Verify Hotspot Settings

Verify that the hotspot settings are set up properly. To access the hotspot or tethering options, open the settings menu on your device. 

Make sure the hotspot function is activated and verify any other configurations, like the network name (SSID) and password. Make sure these settings are accurate by checking them twice.

Way 7: Contact MetroPCS Customer Support

It’s time to contact MetroPCS customer support for more help if you’ve tried all the troubleshooting methods and your hotspot is still not functioning. 

They can troubleshoot advanced hotspot problems unique to their network because they have the technical know-how and resources. They can assist in resolving any underlying connectivity issues and offer step-by-step instructions specific to your device.

You can improve your chances of resolving hotspot issues on your MetroPCS device by following these troubleshooting steps. Recall that every scenario is different, so when identifying and resolving the issue, you must exercise patience and diligence.


There exist multiple potential causes for a MetroPCS device’s inability to function as a hotspot. It might be the result of a MetroPCS plan problem, device incompatibility, network congestion, or even incorrect settings. In the majority of situations, though, you ought to be able to locate and fix the issue using the troubleshooting techniques described in this article.

Restart your device, make sure it’s compatible with it, check your data allotment, and update your settings if necessary. It could be wise to get in touch with MetroPCS customer service for more help if the issue continues.

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