Get Metro PCS Transfer PIN And Account Number In Minutes: Complete Guide

Get Metro PCS Transfer PIN And Account Number In Minutes: The code required to start a transfer from MetroPCS to another network carrier is the Metro PCS transfer PIN, also known as the port code. Your phone number is protected from unwanted transfer requests by an additional layer of security offered by the port code.

Scammers obtaining people’s phone numbers without authorization and transferring them to other networks has become more common. They take this action to gain access to the people’s bank accounts and phone numbers.

How to Find Your Metro PCS Transfer PIN?

Get the Metro PCS Transfer PIN by following the instructions below. It is very easy to do this:

  • Go to to log in.
  • Enter your account PIN and registered T-Mobile phone number to log in to your account.
  • Then go to the “Account Information” area.
  • Select the “Number Transfer” or “Transfer PIN” menu item.
  • The screen ought to show your transfer PIN. If not, the same menu might allow you to ask for a new PIN.
  • For future use, make a note of the PIN and store it somewhere secure.

How do You Create the Metro PCS’s New Transfer PIN

You must go through the whole process to create new transfer pin. Don’t miss any step below: 

  • Go to to log in.
  • Enter your account PIN and registered T-Mobile phone number to log in to your account.
  • Go to the section marked “Profile.”
  • Select “Edit Security PIN,” enter a new one, and then click “Save.”
  • For future reference, write down the new transfer PIN and store it somewhere safe.

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How to Change Your Metro PCS Transfer PIN?

The steps below should be followed if you already know your transfer PIN and you just want to replace it for any reason.

  • You can call 1-888-863-8768 from any phone or dial 611 from your Metro PCS phone.
  • To view your account details, press 2.
  • Press 4 to bring up the “Change my PIN” option.
  • To modify your PIN, adhere to the instructions.

What to Remember When Transferring Out Of Metro PCS?

You must first verify the information you are entering with your new carrier. The information must coincide with the information on your MetroPCS account. During the transfer procedure, MetroPCS will get in touch with your new carrier. Your transfer process will be stopped if they find any errors in the information you submitted.

Furthermore, be careful not to deactivate your MetroPCS line either prior to or during the transfer procedure. If your phone line has been deactivated, you cannot transfer it. When the transfer is over, your new carrier will get in touch with Metro PCS to deactivate your service.

How To Find MetroPCS Account Number Via Website?

To find your MetroPCS account number, use the instructions below.

  • Visit the account page for Metro PCS.
  • To access your account, enter your MetroPCS phone number and account PIN.
  • Choose Payment from the main menu.
  • Choose a previous month in which your Metro PCS bill was paid.
  • Your nine-digit account number will be displayed in the payment detail.

Note: If you have previously paid a bill, you can use text messaging to locate your MetroPCS account number. After you pay your bill, MetroPCS texts you a confirmation. When you open any of the MetroPCS confirmation texts, your account number will be displayed in full.

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Choose a Secure Transfer PIN:

It’s critical to select a strong and distinctive transfer PIN for your Metro PCS account in order to maintain account security.

  • Don’t use private information about yourself, like your address or date of birth.
  • Avoid using simple number sequences or repeating numbers.
  • Steer clear of using obvious combinations like 9999 or 0000.
  • Think about combining numbers and letters.

How to Activate MetroPCS Phone?

  • Contact customer service at 1-888-8-METRO8 for MetroPCS.
  • Have your phone’s IMEI number ready. On your phone, dial *#06# to find your IMEI number.
  • You will be asked for some basic details, like your name, address, and phone number, by the customer service agent.
  • A prepaid plan will also need to be chosen.
  • The customer service agent will activate your phone after you’ve chosen a prepaid plan.
  • Conclusion

Your account is secured and your personal information is protected with the Metro PCS Transfer PIN, a personal identification number. Changing or resetting your PIN is simple and can be accomplished by following MetroPCS’s instructions.

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