How to Charge Arlo Camera? Most Effective Steps

How to Charge Arlo Camera?Your Arlo camera has enough battery life to support surveillance for up to six months. One of the best features of these batteries is that they can be recharged. You can always tell how much power is left in the battery pack by looking at the charge on your camera. The device must be fully charged and operational for approximately three hours.

All you have to do is plug in the camera’s power cord to a wall outlet, and it will begin charging in approximately four hours. Before the device is fully charged and operational, it requires approximately three hours of charging time.

You might have a battery pack issue if the charge light on your camera is constantly flashing. Should this be the case, unplug all of your Arlo cameras from the power supply and give them a couple of hours to fully charge before doing so again. You can also replace your battery pack if this does not solve the problem.

How to Charge Arlo Camera? A Few Steps to Follow

To charge the Arlo camera, use the USB charging cable included in the camera package. If you are using your camera outside, as an alternative, you can also use the solar charger. The following are instructions for charging an Arlo camera:

  • Put the battery inside the actual camera.
  • Remove the rubber cover covering the USB charging port. It will then reveal the charging port underneath.
  • Insert the USB cable into this port, then attach the power adapter to the other end of the cable. Proceed to plug in the power adapter and switch on the power supply.
  • Instead of utilizing a micro-USB cable to connect the charger, the Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Ultra models connect magnetically.
  • You can wait a little while for the camera to finish charging and reach 100% after connecting it to a dependable power source. It may require two to four hours to fully charge.
  • Upon completion of charging, the camera’s LED light will change to a solid blue color. 
  • As an alternative, you can use the Arlo app to monitor the charging status.
  • You can check the USB cable and the adapter you are using if the Arlo camera is not charging or if you encounter the Arlo camera not charging error. In order to charge the camera, make sure the power source is providing the necessary voltage.

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How Long Does It Take to Charge an Arlo Camera?

An Arlo battery can usually be fully charged in three hours. This depends on the temperature, the wall outlet, and your charger. Remember that if you have poor wall outlets or Wi-Fi interference, charging your device might take longer.

Arlo cameras come with various chargers. While some are household chargers used to charge the power pack in smartphones and other devices, others are specifically made for charging Arlo batteries. Even an external charger that fits into the USB port on your computer is available for purchase.

Can You Use a Wireless Charger for an Arlo Camera?

Arlo batteries can be conveniently and economically charged without requiring wires or plugs by using wireless chargers. Your battery pack will receive direct charging from a wireless charger when it is placed on the wireless charger pad. 

The kind of charger you have will determine how frequently the cycle charges. Your battery will charge more quickly with a charger pad that is more powerful.

Wireless chargers are available in an array of forms and designs. While some wireless chargers are designed to be used with only one device at a time, others are compatible with multiple devices.

How do you know If Your Arlo Camera Needs Charging?

You can use the Arlo app to verify whether your Arlo camera needs to be charged by checking its battery level. To check the status of the camera, open the Arlo app. A message will appear next to the name of a camera if it needs to be charged. 

Make sure you recognize the right camera. You can name your camera based on where it is located to make this easier. Additionally, you can access the camera’s Settings page to obtain precise battery level information.

Ending note

An Arlo camera can be easily charged. Your camera will start charging automatically as soon as you connect the charging cable to it and a power source. It could take two to four hours to fully charge your Arlo camera, depending on the kind of camera you have and how old the battery is. While your camera is charging, you can use it, but we advise against leaving it plugged in for longer than a day.

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