How Long Does It Take to Learn C++? Best Ever Guide to Follow

C++ is a strong language that many accomplished programmers have used and continue to use. These days, there are a lot of programming languages that are quick to pick up and quickly apply, but it all depends on the objective we want to accomplish. So, How Long Does It Take to Learn C++?

The ability to process and apply logic as quickly as possible is the essence of coding. On the other hand, learning any other programming language and eventually picking up new skills becomes easier if you are proficient in one.

What Is C++?

The first programming language to link programming to a real-world entity is C++, which is also one of the most widely used object-oriented languages taught to students in universities worldwide. The development of apps for multiple platforms and devices also makes use of C++.

It combines better software performance with increased capacity, and it’s widely used to create orderly apps. Additionally, this language can be used on various platforms, is compiled, and has the best compatibility with C programming or any other language.

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Why Should Learn C++ Programming?

Since C++ code makes up a large portion of the codebase of many contemporary systems, including web browsers, operating systems, databases, etc., C++ is a very important language in today’s world. Furthermore, because of its speed, C++ is quite useful in parts where performance is crucial.

Big projects suitability

For large-scale projects, the C++ programming language is excellent. Among them are databases, cloud storage systems, graphic design, game development, compilers, and other projects.

Career opportunities

Numerous professions require the C++ programming language. Professionals like game developers, software developers, backend developers, and C++ analysts are in high demand for this flexible language.

Used universally

Programming languages such as C++ are almost widely used. For example, it’s used in software, browsers, and applications. Operating systems are another area in which C++ is heavily used. Almost all operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and others, use C++.  

How Long Does It Take to Learn C++?

If you are a novice to programming, you will find learning C++ to be quite challenging. For the novice level, it will require two to three months. It will take you six to twelve months to grasp the intermediate level, and longer than that to become a language master. 

Your knowledge of another programming language will be very beneficial. Learning programming languages such as Python and Java will be much easier for you if you already know these languages.

In no more than two to three weeks, you will grasp the fundamentals. If you only concentrate on functional C++, such as input and output, classes, exclude objects, and file operations, learning C++ will take you this long.

How quickly someone picks things up is another factor that affects how long it takes to learn C++. For a quick learner who is already familiar with other programming languages, it could take up to an hour.

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Is C++ sufficient for developing games?

Learning C++ programming is a great idea because it’s a high-level language that will introduce you to the fundamentals of object-oriented programming. Windows and console games with the biggest graphics are also made with C++. But knowing C++ is essential for large games in larger gaming companies.

Which is better to learn first? C or C++?

Before learning the additional features that C++ offers, Geeks for Geeks advises learning C. This way, you can master the fundamentals first. There are shortcuts and simpler methods of doing things available with certain C++ features. 

What uses does C++ have?

The development of video games frequently uses C++. Because video games are so intricate, a programming language that can keep up with everything that’s happening is needed. 


It won’t take you long to learn C++ if you’ve already worked with other programming languages like Python and Java. This will enable you to become proficient in C++ within months. It’s going to be challenging for a total novice. If you are a slow learner, it could take you more than a year to comprehend the advanced level.

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