How to Delete Mercari Account [Best Guide in 2024]

How to Delete Mercari Account: Users in Japan and the United States particularly like Mercari as a marketplace. Mercari allows users to buy anything they want and sell things they own on the same platform as Amazon. You have the option to immediately delete your account if you have been a long-time user and are not receiving enough offers or discounts on the products in Mercari. 

You have the option to permanently remove your Mercari account if you’re not happy with the application or decide you no longer want to shop. Only the mobile version allows for this to be done. Your account will remain intact even if you remove the application.

Unfortunately, you are unable to remove your account from the Mercari web version. In order to close your account, you should therefore email or call customer service.

What is Mercari?

Just to put it simply, Mercari is an online shopping platform where you can bid adieu to items you no longer need and hello to exciting new discoveries. Since its founding in 2013, the Mercari shopping platform has developed into one of the most well-known e-commerce buying and selling portals in the US, Japan, and other nations. 

Since Mercari is still expanding, there is potential for improvement. Because there are fewer fees for sellers, some users claim that it’s far superior to eBay, and some even say that they prefer it over Facebook Marketplace.

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About Deleting Mercari Account

Your Mercari cannot be removed from your desktop. If you have unfinished deposits, orders that are still in progress, etc., you cannot close the account. If there are any pending transactions, finish them before deleting. 

You must ask the Support team for direct deposit if you still owe money. When an account is deleted, Mercari credits are lost and cannot be recovered.

How to Delete Mercari Account Through Mobile App?

There are various methods to delete your Mercari account. Here is the way to delete your account through mobile app. The steps are below:

  • Install the Mercari app first from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and enter your login information to access your account.
  • Click the Profile icon in the lower right corner of the Mercari app’s home screen.
  • From the list of menu options, choose Settings.
  • Select the Edit account option located in the Account Settings section of the next page.
  • On the Edit account page, tap the Close account button.
  • To remove your Mercari account, check the box and then press the Close account button.

How to Delete Mercari Account Through Email?

You can use email to remove your account as well. You will receive a confirmation email to your registered email address within 48 hours of your account being deleted. The steps are below:

  • Open the email account linked to your Mercari account on your PC or smartphone.
  • To send it to, tap the Compose button located in the left sidebar window.
  • In the Subject box, type Request to Delete My Account.
  • Write a well-structured email that includes your name, phone number, email address, and additional details and explains why your account is being deleted.
  • Press the Send button located at the bottom.

Deleting Issue for Mercari Account

It can be annoying to run into common problems when deleting your Mercari account, such as forgetting your password or having trouble with identity verification. We’ll offer advice and solutions to help you overcome those obstacles:

Make sure there are no pending transactions, disagreements, or unanswered issues. These must be resolved before you can deactivate your account. Try cleaning the cache on the Mercari phone app or reinstalling it if you’re using it. It can assist in resolving the app’s technical issues and offer a seamless removal process.

If you want to remove your account, try using the Mercari website instead of the app. This strategy works better for some customers. Get help from Mercari’s customer service if you’re still having issues. They can offer you email guidance on any technical issues.

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