How to Delete Onlyfans Account Permanently in 2024?

Are you wonder about how to delete Onlyfans account permanently? Users can upload and share content with their followers on the subscription-based platform OnlyFans. For a fee, users can subscribe to the accounts of their favorite creators and access exclusive content that isn’t available anywhere else. 

Whatever the reason, you no longer want to use the OnlyFans website or you have found a better alternative, which is why you must completely delete your OnlyFans profile. Anything could happen, but if you have money in your wallet, simply removing OnlyFans could cost you that money.

About Deleting Onlyfans Account:

Upon the expiration of the last active subscription, your account will be deleted. Every active subscription will stay in effect until it expires on its own. In the event that your account is inactive, it will be immediately terminated. Upon deletion, all of your content will vanish from your account.

Let’s say you choose to deactivate your account while subscribers are still active. Your subscribers won’t receive a subscription refund in that scenario. Once the money has been processed through their system, OnlyFans will not be able to return it. They will already have received it.

All of the material you produced, including backups, will be removed from their servers once your OnlyFans account has been closed and all outstanding payments have been cancelled. These consist of the images and videos you share on social media and interact with your followers.

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Why Do You Need to Delete Onlyfans Account Permanently?

Research has revealed that nothing is preventing OnlyFans from expanding. Furthermore, the majority of us are already aware that this platform contains adult content. 

Naturally, all the data and information you enter into OnlyFans will be protected from the moment your account is created; that being said, even with all the advantages of the platform, users may grow weary of using this particular social media outlet. 

Contact OnlyFans’ support staff if you have any questions about the Data Protection Policies; they will be happy to assist you in finding the information you need. 

How to Delete Onlyfans Account Permanently?

It’s important to keep in mind that after you remove your OnlyFans profile, there is nothing more you can do. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to assist you if you are unsure of how to proceed!

  • Entering into your OnlyFans account is the first step. After logging in, choose the “Settings” tab by clicking on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Search for the Account option; it ought to be located within the Settings menu. You can choose to permanently delete your OnlyFans profile here. 
  • This completes the process of permanently deleting your OnlyFans account. Upon selecting the “Delete Account” button, a verification code will be requested from you.
  • The email address you used to register on the platform will receive this verification code. 
  • When you choose to have your account deleted, you will receive both a verification and a confirmation email at the registered email address. 
  • Your account will be permanently deleted if the code entered is correct. Copy and paste it into the OnlyFans platform. 

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How to Delete Onlyfans Account Through Customer Support?

You can also get in touch with customer service to have your OnlyFans account deleted.

  • Click on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then choose the “Help and Support” tab to access the customer support page.
  • On this page, click the “Take me to support” button. 
  • This ought to launch a new page where you can request the deletion of your account.
  • The “Create ticket” button will cause another page to load on your screen. 
  • All required information about you and your account, including your password and email address, must be entered. 
  • Complete all the fields accurately before submitting them to get in touch with OnlyFans’ customer support team.
  • After providing a reason for wanting to delete your account in the form, click “Create a ticket.”


You can’t delete an account without first requesting a refund in order to get your bank account credited with Wallet credits. Only requests with fully unused wallet credits from a purchase transaction will be processed for refunds, per OnlyFans’ Terms and Conditions. You will not be able to receive your money back if you have used any portion of that amount.

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