How to Delete LastPass Account – Absolute Guide in 2024

How to Delete LastPass Account: The final step after locating a fantastic LastPass substitute is to simply delete your LastPass account. Keeping track of all of your accounts and passwords is made easy with LastPass, one of the best password managers available. 

For the majority of users, the app’s free version offers more than enough features. However, if you don’t get a premium subscription, you can only use it on one device. Perhaps you’ve discovered a better option and would like to terminate your account.

How to Delete LastPass Account Using Password?

Let’s examine how to remove your LastPass account after exporting your vault and gaining access to it.

  • To access your vault, log in to your LastPass account using the LastPass login page or the Google Chrome extensions icon.
  • In the Links section, select Account Settings from the left panel, then scroll down to click My Account.
  • Choose either Reset or Delete Account. Click Delete in the Delete Your Account section.
  • Click Yes when the “Do you remember your LastPass master password?” prompt appears on the screen.
  • To complete the entire process, adhere to the instructions. And your LastPass account will be permanently deleted.

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How to Delete LastPass Account Without a Password?

If you know your master password, you can delete your LastPass account as explained in the previous section. You can find out how to remove a LastPass account without a password in this section. These are the main actions.

  • Navigate to the “Delete Your LastPass Account” page in your web browser.
  • Press the Delete button in red.
  • You should choose No when the system asks, “Do you remember your LastPass master password?”
  • After entering your email address in the input field, click Send Email. Click the send email button.
  • To locate the email from LastPass confirming your request to deactivate your LastPass account, open your mailbox.
  • To complete the process, adhere to the guidelines provided in the email.

How to Delete LastPass Account on MacOS?

When the LastPass app is deleted from a Mac, Safari’s extension is also automatically removed. But here’s how to double-check if you still want to:

  • Launch the Safari web browser, select it, and click on Settings.
  • Select the Extensions option from the top menu. 
  • Click “Uninstall,” select the LastPass extension, and then confirm the deletion.
  • Since this extension will be a part of the LastPass app, Safari will prompt you to delete it first if you haven’t already. 
  • To delete the application, click Show in Finder and drag it to the Trash, as previously demonstrated. This will also remove the extension.

What Happen If You Delete Your LastPass Account?

You might have to register for a new LastPass account after deleting your existing one in order to preserve all of your login credentials, including your username and password. Alternatively, you can pick a LastPass substitute. In this post, MiniTool offers a few great LastPass alternatives: The Best Free Google Chrome Password Managers.

LastPass Alternatives

There are a few good options on the market if you’re searching for alternatives to LastPass. An excellent option for password management is Bitwarden. It uses AES-256 encryption for maximum security and provides a password management service, autofill features, and device synchronization.

Another option to think about is NordPass. It’s a password manager that has features like note and credit card storage, autofill, and data breach scanning. In addition to business and home plans, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.


You have the option to remove your account from LastPass for a number of reasons, but the service provides a safe and feature-rich password management solution. Either your master password or not can be used to delete your account. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you make sure you have exported your data from the vault prior to starting the account deletion process.

All data stored in your LastPass account, including websites, secure notes, and form filling, will be permanently and irrevocably deleted if you decide to delete it. All of your notes, projects, and passwords are kept safe in the LastPass vault. Therefore, you might need to export your LastPass vault before deleting your account in order to prevent data loss.

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