Who is Niall Horan’s Girlfriend? Meet Amelia Woolley

Who is Niall Horan’s Girlfriend? Definitely, she is Amelia Woolley because a unique look into Niall Horan’s relationship with Amelia Woolley has been revealed. Despite dating the stunning brunette for nearly three years, the Irish singer has managed to keep their relationship fairly secret.

Who is Niall Horan’s Girlfriend – Amelia Woolley?

Niall revealed in 2021 that he was seeing Amelia Woolley, a fashion buyer who holds a first-class degree in fashion business, following rumors that had been going around in 2020. Together, they walked the red carpet at Niall’s September 2021 Horan & Rose Gala at The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire.

The birthdate of Amelia Woolley is March 28, 1997. Amelia is a citizen of the United Kingdom and was born in Birmingham, England. She also shares the traits of being an Aries and being born into a Christian family. She completed her high school education in the area. Later, she pursued her further education at London’s Elite College, where she eventually graduated.

Amelia Woolley is a professional designer. She assists luxury shoe designer Nichola Kirwood in her commercial duties. Her work on this company has led to her being tagged in a luxury brand on Instagram. 

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Amelia’s Career 

Amelia began working for the well-known online retailer ASOS.com in July 2014 as a marketing and production assistant. Later, in February 2016, she began working as an event and marketing intern for Fashion Live Events Limited, a position she held until April of the same year. In addition, Amelia was employed from October 2015 to September 2016 at Grant Thornton UK LLP as a Marketing and Communications Associate.

Amelia is employed as a commercial executive and account manager at the moment. She has a sizable social media following and is a gifted designer in addition to being a media personality. Her LinkedIn profile shows that she has worked with a number of well-known brands and that her areas of expertise are sales, marketing, and business development.

Net Worth

Although her exact net worth is unknown, unverified rumors claim that she has amassed an estimated $800,000 from her career in fashion, which has included work for several high-end brands like Dior, Chloé, ASOS, and the new menswear company Prevu Studio.

How did Niall Horan Meet Amelia Woolley

In May 2020, the attractive couple first became romantically involved. When Niall posted pictures on social media that appeared to show off a possible new love interest, rumors about the couple started to circulate. Fans put on their detective hats and discovered that the legs of an unknown woman were constantly appearing in them!

Horan described how he and Woolley got together. The singer acknowledged that while he had been set up previously, he had never gone on a blind date during the discussion about them. When questioned about the encounter and who he was with, he disclosed that’s how he got to know his present girlfriend. But there was a minor miscommunication on the talk show couch.

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Does Amelia Woolley inspire any Of Neil Horan’s Songs?

Yes. “Heaven,” a new song that Horan released in February 2023, is said by fans to have been influenced by his relationship with Woolley. It appears that the meaningful lyrics are a tribute to her. 

The song is expected to be played on his next tour and will be included in his soon-to-be-released album. Horan also told a funny story about how one of the songs on his new album was inspired by Woolley. Like many women, Woolley enjoys true crime dramas a lot, and as a loving boyfriend, Horan frequently watches these programs with her. 


Niall has managed to maintain some peace in his relationship. Fans are practically dying to hear just a little bit of information about the couple from the singer, and his most recent song, Paradise, provides them with just that—the singer constantly alludes to his love.

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