Who is Jelly Roll’s Wife? All About Podcast Host, Bunnie Xo

Who is Jelly Roll’s Wife? The love tale of country music artist Jelly Roll and his spouse, Bunnie XO, whose true name is Bunnie DeFord, is truly remarkable. Bunnie is an entrepreneur who chose a different path for her career than the conventional one. 

The businesswoman was formerly a high-end escort prior to launching her well-known YouTube channel. Bunnie started Dumb Blonde Productions, a media company, and her podcast, “Dumb Blonde,” in December 2020. 

Who is Jelly Roll’s Wife – Bunnie XO?

Nashville, Tennessee is Bunnie Xo’s hometown. Her early family history, parents, siblings, and education are all poorly known, which is unfortunate for her admirers.

Her parents divorced while she was a very small child. She has only posted pictures of his father on social media. Given that no details about his siblings are known, it appears that she is a single child. Her nationality is American. She is an Aquarius by sign. We’ll soon be updating this section.

She appears to have had a good education. Walter V. Long Elementary School and John C. Fremont Junior School are where she finished her elementary education. Following her elementary education, she registered for classes at Fay Galloway High School. She hasn’t finished high school, though. She dropped out of high school.

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When Did They Date and Get Married?

On August 31, 2016, Jelly Roll and Bunnie exchanged vows following almost a year of courtship. When Jelly Roll performed in 2015 at Sin City’s Country Saloon in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bunnie had no idea that she would eventually meet her future husband.

Jelly Roll and Bunnie are not parents to each other’s kids. He does, however, have two children from prior relationships. Born in 2008, Bailee Ann is the daughter of him and his former partner Felicia. The Tennessee native was in prison at the time of Bailee Ann’s birth. But in 2016, he was granted back custody of his daughter.

Bunnie’s Contribution to Jelly Roll’s Fantastic Career

Nothing could be further from the truth than Jelly Roll’s wife, who was falsely accused of being a gold-digger on several occasions. Upon meeting her future spouse, she was earning several thousand dollars every evening.

Her perseverance in achieving her goals in life enabled her to change careers and create a successful company. She now has thousands of followers all over the world as a podcast host, entrepreneur, and model. 

Launched in 2020, the Dumb Blonde podcast tackles touchy subjects like trauma, sex work, and spirituality, and she doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions. Bunnie made the decision to launch new businesses, including an online store selling branded merchandise, because one success leads to another.

Bunnie Xo as a Popular Podcast Host:

Dumb Blonde, Bunnie Xo’s podcast, generates a significant amount of her income. Produced by Dumb Blonde Productions, her own production company, the podcast marks the pinnacle of her career achievement since she first dabbled in the entertainment industry.

The number one show in the country draws viewers from all walks of life, with Bunnie Xo exploring her guests’ pasts and throwing light on various contemporary issues in the US. To add even more fun, she and her guests engage in absurd games.

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Bunnie Xo Definitely is a Successful YouTuber and Social Media Influencer:

There is more than 570,000 subscribers to Bunnie Xo’s YouTube channel than just Dumb Blonde content as of November 2023. In addition, the channel hosts several web series that provide fans with an intimate glimpse into the lives of Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll, as parents and entertainers. 

It includes Stoner Foods, Working Girl, Propaganda, and Meet the DeFords. She also had 72,400 Twitter followers, 1.2 million Instagram followers, 2.6 million Facebook followers, and 4.6 million TikTok followers.

Renowned  Model and Actress – Bunnie Xo

She began her career as an exotic model and went on to work as a model for several magazines. She even made an appearance on Playboy TV as one of the gorgeous women. Bunnie Xo made appearances as an actress in the 2013 television series BFFs and the 2014 video Spring Break Fuck Parties. She also acted in several of Jelly Roll’s music videos.

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