Where is Anne Steves Now? Dating, Wedding, Career, and Childhood of Rick Steves Ex-Wife!

Where is Anne Steves now? Popular American celebrity spouse Anne Steves She was married to Rick Steves, a travel writer and television personality from the United States. After her divorce from Steves, Anne is living a private life. She became fairly well-known after getting married to her now-ex-husband.

Where is Anne Steves Now?

After their divorce, Anne and Rick supposedly shared joint custody of their kids. Following her split from Rick, Anne Steves has lived a sedate life and may not be married at the moment.

Who Is Anne Steves’ Husband, Rick Steves?

American author and television personality Rick Steves specializes only in travel to Europe. He is renowned for his PBS travel show, Rick Steves’ Europe, which takes the audience on an intimate journey through some of the world’s most historic cities. In addition, Rick has written multiple travel guides and is the host of the public radio program Travel with Rick Steves. He is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable authorities on American travel to Europe. 

In 1976, Rick started Rick Steves’ Europe, a company based in Edmonds, Washington, which is close to Seattle. This is where he writes his travel guides, some of which are best-sellers, and produces his radio and television programs educating people about the wonderful places to travel in Europe. Every year, the avid traveler spends a minimum of four months in Europe conducting research for his travel guides and tour programs, as well as making discoveries. 

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Relationship and Wedding with Rick Steves:

Before going official, Rick and Anne were friends who had been dating for a while. In 1984, they exchanged vows at St. Thomas in Villanova, Pennsylvania, in a private ceremony. Saint David’s Gold Club served as the venue for the wedding reception. Although Rick and Anne Steves’ 1984 marriage is well known to the public, their precise wedding date is unknown. Anne only disclosed that roses and traces of Hydrangea were used to make her Biedermeier. 


Andie and Jackie Steves, the couple’s two children, were welcomed into the world by Anne and Rick. Andie is the proprietor of a travel agency, having followed in his father’s footsteps. Jackie, Rick’s daughter, works in the same field as her father and frequently appears in his shows. 

What About Their Divorce?

The divorce of the couple was widely reported in the media and was a hot topic. But, Rick and Anne Steves never disclosed the cause of their divorce, so rumors about it were left up to the public. 2009 saw the filing of the divorce petition at Anne’s birthplace, Snohomish Superior Court. Their divorce was finalized on March 5, 2010. Who filed for divorce and the formal justification given to the judge are unclear. 

Why did They Get Divorced? 

The couple spends a lot of time apart because Rick spends roughly four months of the year traveling to Europe, even though many of their divorce records are sealed. Shortly after his divorce, Rick said on his blog in 2012 that he recently began traveling with a remarkable woman named Trish Feaster. However, it’s unclear whether he was acquainted with Ms. Feaster prior to his divorce or whether their friendship exacerbated his marital problems.


Rumor has it that Rick Steves found a new love in Trish Feaster, his travel companion, and that’s why he wanted to split from Anne Steves. But the assertions are not supported. The sole proof of the aforementioned relationship comes from Rick’s 2012 blog post identifying her as his girlfriend. It’s unclear if their romance began while he was still married to Anne. 

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Career and Net Worth

While at least once she coordinated a charity event for mothers facing homelessness, Anne Steves does not have a profession of her own. While her ex-husband’s net worth has been authoritatively estimated at over $10 million. Hers is estimated at over $500,000, presumably based on the terms of the divorce settlement.

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