How to Delete Chegg Account | Cancel Chegg Subscription [2024]

How to Delete Chegg Account? The use of online learning is now required for all students. Numerous students depend on websites such as Chegg in order to obtain study materials, receive professional responses to their inquiries, and get ready for tests.

You might eventually outgrow your need for your Chegg account, though. Whether you’ve finished your coursework or discovered other sources, it’s critical to understand how to permanently remove your Chegg account.

What is Chegg?

Chegg is one of the greatest resources for educators and learners alike because it supports academic pursuits and allows respondents to earn a respectable living. Chegg attempts to assist students with a variety of questions pertaining to various subset categories, with science, management, and mathematics being among the most popular subjects.

Through the platform, students and anyone else who is willing can get their questions answered. In parallel, instructors and graduates who are eager to make money can respond to the queries that students have uploaded. 

Without requiring any prior acquaintanceship, Chegg links students with professionals who can assist with solving problems and offer thorough responses to their inquiries. The experts’ bank accounts can effortlessly receive the revenue that Chegg provides.

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Why Delete Chegg Account?

There could be a few reasons why you would want to remove your Chegg account. Chegg’s ability to monitor and track who has viewed the questions is one of the primary justifications. Additionally, it has the ability to gather the IP address of the device you use to visit the website.

Additionally, Chegg has access to both your billing and email addresses. Therefore, you can deactivate your Chegg account if you don’t want them to have access to your personal data. In a similar vein, you will occasionally receive annoying promotional emails from Chegg.

For further information, you can simply refer to this article, regardless of your motivations. Let’s begin by deleting the Chegg account right now.

How to Delete Chegg Account Via Website?

Your Chegg account can be deleted online by visiting the website. To delete your account, you must first log in to your Chegg account and get in touch with Chegg support. The easy steps to remove your Chegg account through the website are as follows:

  • Go to Chegg’s official website and enter your login information. 
  • To access your account after entering your credentials, click the sign-in button.
  • Once logged in, return any rented textbooks, cancel all active subscriptions on your profile, and look for any outstanding payments, such as textbook rentals or other pending transactions, that you need to clear.  
  • It may take some time to return the rented textbooks. You have the option to deactivate your account after the textbook rental period has ended.
  • To access your Chegg profile section, tap the profile icon in the upper right corner and choose “My Account” from the drop-down menu.
  • On the Chegg profile overview page, look for the “Chat” icon at the bottom and click on it.
  • This will launch a support window for Chegg. Click “I want to close my account” and then “Chat with an advocate” inside that window.
  • Now, you will speak with a Chegg support agent, provide them with all the details they need, and ask them to cancel your Chegg account.

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How to Delete Chegg Account Via Email?

It takes a few days for Chegg to respond to emails, but it’s simple to delete your Chegg account using this method. Nevertheless, the business makes an effort to react quickly. The procedures listed below can be used to remove your Chegg account:

  • To begin with, sign in to the email address you used to register for the Chegg app or website. 
  • Create a new email and send it to with the subject “Request to delete my Chegg account.”
  • Provide all the details you need about your Chegg account in the email body, along with a justification for the deletion. 
  • In addition, you can ask Chegg email support to delete your account and remove your personal data from their database.
  • Send the email now, and then watch for Chegg’s response. 
  • It could take some time for a Chegg email support representative to respond and assist you with the account deletion procedure.


Students must delete their Chegg accounts because if they forget to cancel, the company will take money from their account for the renewal of their subscription. Having a budget is difficult when you’re a student. And it will be more challenging for them as a result of this Chegg subscription deduction. The tutorial provides instructions on how to remove your Chegg account using straightforward methods.

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