How to Get AT&T Transfer PIN In Minutes? Few Ways with Steps

There are certain details you must provide to the new carrier as part of the port out or number transfer process from AT&T. Your AT&T transfer PIN and account number are the two most important pieces of information you must provide. So, how to get AT&T transfer PIN in minutes?

Your billing address and ZIP code, among other information, may be requested by certain carriers. However, the transfer PIN and account number the two most important pieces of information are the main topics of this post.

Does AT&T Have A Transfer PIN?

Sure. AT&T offers a PIN for transfers. Unlike the wireless passcode or account security PIN, this is distinct. The PIN you give to a new carrier in order to port your AT&T number to another network is known as the transfer PIN.

Your phone number is further secured by the transfer PIN, which keeps scammers from requesting unauthorized number transfers. In order for AT&T to grant a request for a number transfer, the customer’s port-out request must be made by the other carrier. Additionally, the customer’s transfer PIN and other account information must be sent to AT&T by the carrier.

Why Do You Need a Transfer PIN?

When you move to a new phone service provider, you might want to hang onto your previous number. The majority of people do. It’s comfortable, and you don’t need to update your contact details. There are a few steps you must take in order to request to keep your old number. Requesting a transfer PIN is the most crucial step in leaving AT&T.

You are recognized as the previous owner of the phone number by this PIN. It’s similar to two-factor authentication and is given to your new carrier. Your phone number can be transferred to your new service once they verify that you are who you say you are. It is crucial that you obtain this PIN if you intend to switch.

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How to Get AT&T Transfer PIN In Minutes?

You can obtain this transfer PIN in a few different ways. After considering a few options, we begin with our favorite.

  • Open the myAT&T app and log in. If you have an AT&T account, you might already have this app. With your AT&T phone, it ought to be simple to locate and utilize. 
  • Go to More > Manage Profile. Choose People & Permissions after that. 
  • Locate the Transfer phone number area and choose Get a new PIN. 
  • In a few seconds, your transfer PIN will show up on the app. Keep it. 
  • If you don’t have the app or these instructions don’t work, go to the AT&T website and sign into your profile. 
  • The procedures are comparable. To request a new PIN, navigate to the “People & Permission” tab, choose “Wireless,” and then locate the “Transfer phone number” section. 
  • Call “PORT” on your AT&T phone if you are unable to log in online for a transfer PIN, such as if you are in a phone store buying a new phone and realize you need to complete this step. You can now access the transfer PIN service by doing this.

Get AT&T Transfer PIN On the Website

  • Go to the AT&T website and log in.
  • To sign into your account, enter your details.
  • On your dashboard, select the People & Permissions option.
  • To request a new PIN, click Wireless, Transfer Phone Number, and then Request.
  • After copying the PIN, exit the application.

Get AT&T Transfer PIN On Mobile App

Follow the process to do this task through the mobile app. Here are the steps:

  • Open AT&T on your mobile device.
  • To sign into your account, enter your details.
  • After tapping More, choose Manage Profile.
  • Select Permissions & People.
  • Choose Request a new PIN after selecting Transfer Phone Number.
  • After copying the PIN, exit the application. 


To finish the process of porting out to a new carrier, you will need to provide your AT&T account number. Your phone number is not the same as your account number.

The AT&T account number is located on your paper bill. To find your account number, look for the customer’s details printed at the top of the bill. An alternative method is to access the account number for every service by logging into your AT&T account and selecting My Linked Accounts.

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