Cricket Wireless Change Number: A Quick Guide to Follow

Cricket Wireless Change Number: Keeping your account active and avoiding unsolicited calls can be achieved by following the easy steps to change your number on Cricket Wireless. You can change your Cricket Wireless number if you’re sick of receiving unsolicited calls from telemarketers and bill collectors. You have the choice to keep your current plan and change your current number with Cricket Wireless.

You can request to change your current number by contacting the Customer Support department in order to change your Cricket Wireless number. After obtaining information to validate your account, the customer service representative will finish the number change procedure.

What is the Cricket Wireless Number?

The number to reach Cricket customer service is 1-800-274-2538. Even if you do not own a Cricket phone, you can still call it. Use your short Cricket phone number, 611, if you already have one, to access self-service options for account information. 

Cricket customer service is available by phone from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Saturday. A customer service agent from Cricket will respond to your inquiries, offer practical advice, and mentor you through the issue until it is resolved.

What are the Requirements for Cricket Wireless Change Number?

You cannot change your number on the Cricket Wireless network unless certain conditions are met. If you don’t have these, the network won’t allow your request to update your number.

  • To finish the number-change procedure, your Cricket Wireless account needs to be active. A phone number that is associated with a suspended or inactive account cannot be changed.
  • In order to reactivate your Cricket Wireless account if it has been suspended, you must pay the remaining balance and the reactivation fee. After that, you can switch numbers.
  • Certain numbers on the Cricket Wireless network are unchangeable. For example, you are unable to modify a vanity number or a toll-free number. Before you start the number change process, make sure you can change your number.

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How To Cricket Wireless Change Number?

Once you have these details ready, proceed with the following steps to finish the number change process:

  • Getting in touch with Cricket Wireless customer service is the first step. The support department’s phone number is 1-800-274-2538. 
  • Using the Chat feature on the contact us page is an additional choice.
  • After speaking with a customer service agent, ask to have your phone number changed. 
  • Do not forget to provide your current Cricket number when contacting the support team.
  • Details such as the current SIM card number and IMEI number will be requested by the support agent. 
  • In order to confirm that you are the account owner, you might also be asked some additional questions. 
  • The support person will then finish the procedure.

What Happens After Changing Number On Cricket Wireless?

There are a few adjustments you need to make after changing your number. This is unrelated to your present plan. Your current voicemails and voicemail greetings will be deleted. Thus, you must program a fresh voicemail message for your new phone number.

It’s time to let friends and family know the new number. The error message “The number you dialed is not a working number” will appear to anyone attempting to reach you on your old number.

How Much Does it Cost?

Cricket Wireless charges $15 for phone number changes. This cost must typically be paid both before the process begins and at the time of your Cricket Wireless number change request. It is crucial to remember that this price could differ and could change depending on the region and current pricing policy of Cricket Wireless.

How Long does it Take to Change Number on Cricket Wireless?

Once you supply the current account details, the number change procedure takes less than an hour to finish. To expedite the process, get in touch with the customer support team once more if, after two hours, the transfer is still ongoing. Most of the time, this won’t be necessary because the process moves along quickly.


Fortunately, changing your phone number is a simple process with Cricket Wireless. We’ll walk you through the process of changing your Cricket phone number in this post so you can easily stay in touch.

You’ll be happy to hear that changing your phone number via your MyCricket account is a quick and easy process if you’re a Cricket Wireless customer.

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