Where Is Aneska From Dr. Phil’? What Happened To Her? Know About Her Social Media Activity

A particularly memorable Dr. Phil episode featured the terrifying 12-year-old Aneska Lenardon, who killed a nest of baby birds with a flashlight, chased her siblings with a knife, choked her sister, and killed their family hamster. Know where is Aneska from Dr. Phil’? What happened to her? Know about her social media activity.

Her parents sought assistance from Dr. Phil McGraw, stating that their daughter was a constant source of fear and stress for the entire family. Even though Dr. Phil spoke with Aneska and made an effort to provide answers, fans are interested in learning how she is currently doing. 

Where Is Aneska From Dr. Phil’?

Aneska Lenardon became well-known following her appearance on Dr. Phil, a well-liked television program. Viewers were intrigued by her intense and unsettling behavior, but they were also worried about her safety. 

Melanie and Dave, her parents, contacted Phil McGraw and requested that he examine their amiable daughter who was reportedly frightening the entire family. Despite the fact that Aneska appeared to be acting very strangely, her parents clarified that she had fallen off her tricycle when she was only three years old. 

After suffering from a facial swelling and a broken tooth, Aneska was taken to the hospital and seen by a physician.

Aneska prefers privacy and keeps her personal life out of the public eye since going on reality TV. However, in 2017, her mother shared a photo on Facebook that showed her still living with her family and going about her normal adolescent life. 

The “Dr. Phil” website then stated in 2021 that Aneska had turned eighteen and was set to receive her high school diploma. It also asserted that she was no longer motivated by rage and had controlled her violent tendencies.

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Early Life

Aneska Lenardon was born in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada on August 12, 2006. A traumatic past and early-onset behavioral issues were among the many obstacles that marred her upbringing. An essential component of Aneska’s growth has been her education.

She has been able to concentrate on her studies and work toward reaching her academic goals with the assistance of her educators and therapists. Her dream job would be one in which she could assist those who have encountered comparable difficulties.

Personal Interests

Apart from her studies and therapy, Aneska has developed a strong interest in the arts. She has found that painting and drawing are two creative expression mediums that have positively impacted her ability to manage her emotions. Her use of art as a means of self-expression and healing has become indispensable.

The accident

After Aneska fell off her tricycle at the age of three and hit her face, Melanie and her husband Dave say they saw a marked change in Aneska’s behavior. Since then, her behavior has gotten worse yearly, exhibiting unsettling patterns. 

She was taking over thirty-five different medications, and her parents had her seen by multiple physicians. They also claim to have checked her into an adolescent treatment facility almost 20 times.

What Happened to Aneska from ‘Dr. Phil’? 

Since Aneska’s last name was kept a secret during the show, it has been challenging to verify specific details. Her name appears on an account with a photo from August 29 and the information that she will graduate from high school in 2021.

Although it doesn’t seem like she has used her Instagram account since 2018, her bio says, “Yes, I was on TV, but no, I don’t need help.” This is the actual account I use.” We genuinely hope that everything is going well in Aneska. 


Aneska appeared to have a strong relationship with her parents and expressed optimism for a brighter future. The young woman is currently hardly active on social media and has only shared a few photos on Instagram. 

Her Facebook page, though private, appears to be much more recent, and it states that she currently resides in Burlington, Ontario. We’re thrilled to hear that Aneska overcame her problems, and we hope the best for her in the years to come.

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