Dolly Parton’s Siblings: Everything We Know

One of the most well-known individuals of the day is without a doubt Dolly Rebecca Parton. The singer-songwriter is one of the most beloved celebrities in the world, having written over 3,000 songs and owning a theme park named after herself that rivals Walt Disney. People usually want to know about Dolly Parton’s siblings that will be discussed in the following sections.

Her modest beginnings, growing up with a large family in a tiny cabin in Sevierville, Tennessee, close to the Great Smoky Mountains, are hard to imagine given her current level of fame.

How Many Siblings Does Dolly Parton Have?

The fourth of twelve siblings is Dolly. Robert and Avie Lee Parton are her parents. Dolly has a large family, so she has a lot of nieces and nephews. 

Floyd and Freida, Dolly’s brother and sister, are identical twins. Their birthday is June 1st, 1957. The family’s twins are Freida and Rachel although Rachel was born in 1959.

Dolly Parton’s Siblings

Curiosity has surrounded Dolly Parton’s relationship with her eleven siblings. Given Dolly’s enormous success and notoriety, many have questioned if her siblings are bitter about what she has accomplished. But beneath the surface, their relationship is far more complicated and nuanced than it appears.

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1. Willadeene Parton

Willadeene, the oldest of the twelve children, was regarded by the family as a second mother. Later on, she formed a gospel singing trio with sisters Cassie and Stella. However, she set that aside to focus on writing two family memoirs, Smoky Mountain Memories: Stories from the Hearts of the Parton Family and In the Shadow of a Song: The Parton Family. She has a cookbook published as well.

2. Stella Mae Parton

Stella entered the music industry at a young age, having made her radio debut at the age of nine. She went on tour with Willadeene and Cassie, her sisters. Starting in 1967, Stella focused on her solo career. She signed a major label deal after her 1975 single, “I Want to Hold You in My Dreams Tonight,” reached the Top 10 in the Billboard Country chart. 

3. Cassie Nan Parton

Cassie, the third singer in the previously mentioned gospel trio, never pursued a solo career. She did make an appearance on The Porter Wagoner Show in 1970, which at one point contributed to Dolly’s rise to fame. She made an appearance on the Dollywood program My People in 2013.

4. Randy Parton

Randy was a songwriter, actor, and businessman who lost his battle with cancer in 2021. When her younger brother cried as a baby, the country music star used to rock him back and forth. In a duet with Randy, she even sang a song called “You Are My Christmas” about these moments.

5. Larry Gerald Parton

Larry Gerald was born in 1955, but tragically died very soon after. According to Dolly’s book “SongTeller,” the parents were ecstatic about every new baby, and the older children were essentially given responsibility for looking after the newcomer. Dolly had to take care of her baby, Larry.

6. Floyd Estel Parton

Floyd, the younger brother, has collaborated on songs with Dolly for a long time. The song “Rockin’ Years,” from the 1991 album Eagle When She Flies, was co-written by him. Floyd passed away in 2018 at the age of 61.

7. Freida Parton

Freida Estelle Parton, who was born in 1957, is renowned for her musical abilities. In the eighties, she played in a punk band. Spotify currently has her 1984 album “Two Faced” available for listening. Her most streamed song is “The Chosen One,” but “Oriental Dolls” was also a hit. 

8. Rachel Ann Parton

Actress and singer Rachel is currently retired. Since Freida and Rachel are twins, she is also Dolly’s youngest sister, albeit only by a narrow margin. When Rachel was just thirteen, she moved to Nashville to live with Dolly.

9. Bobby Lee, Coy Denver, David Wilburn

Regarding Parton’s other three brothers, not much is known. In 1942, Coy was born, Robert Jr. in 1943, and David in 1948. It’s thought that one of them worked as a carpenter, despite their decision to remain anonymous. This is due to their well-known sister’s previous admission that she had her brother, a carpenter, work done inside her family’s old cabin to make it look like it did when they were young.

10. Miley Cyrus

Known for being Dolly’s goddaughter, the tongue-in-cheek, visually striking musician and performer will also be releasing an album later this year. With hits like “Wrecking Ball,” Cyrus has coached on The Voice and made memorable appearances as a guest on shows like The Howard Stern Show and late-night talk shows across the country. She has a way of grabbing attention and a big, gritty voice.

Final words

Many of Dolly’s younger siblings were raised in Nashville with the assistance of her husband Carl Dean, and this has continued into the next generation of nieces and nephews who call Dean Uncle Peepaw and Dolly Aunt Granny. Dolly is childless, and Dean is also childless.

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