Shocking Facts of the Late Sheila Marie Ryan Cause Of Death, Bio, Husband, Children

Sheila Marie Ryan was an American actress and model with talent. Her performances in Road House, Lone Star Blue, Shelter from the Storm, and Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell are what made her most famous. Sheila was also well-known for being the second wife of well-known American actor James Caan from television and movies. Keep reading this article to know about the shocking facts of the late Sheila Marie Ryan cause of death, bio, husband, children.

Who is Sheila Marie Ryan?

One of Hollywood’s most gifted actors is Sheila Marie Ryan. She has modeled for a few reputable magazines and modeling agencies in addition to her work on motion pictures. She was a full-pack talent, to put it briefly. Still, she didn’t have an easy life.

She married a well-known actor and began a spectacular career, but their union didn’t last long. However, she was linked to some very serious rumors, one of which claimed she was dating Elvis Presley. Still, the majority of her fans miss her primarily because of her untimely death. 

Bio and Early Life

The gifted actress was born in Franklin Park, Illinois, on September 17, 1952. She was born during a time when the world was changing following World War II, as you can see.  Nobody could have predicted that she would play a significant role in the spotlight at that time.

Five feet five inches tall, Sheila first saw Elvis at a Las Vegas party. Elvis was drawn to the attractive woman and threw a grape at her. This served as a catalyst for the two to start talking.

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Husband and Children

The romance between Sheila Marie Ryan and Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll, is well known. The partnership was well-known and lasted for a long time.

Sheila stated that they were both free to pursue other relationships and that their relationship was open. Elvis gave her a car, paid her rent, and even paid off the mortgage on her mother Arlene’s Illinois house during the two years they were dating.

Following her divorce from Elvis Presley, Sheila met and married The Godfather actor James Caan. In 1976, the couple tied the knot, and they later separated in 1977. James used to try to outdo Elvis in terms of generosity by showering her with costly presents. 

That relationship, however, fell apart quickly for other reasons. The couple welcomed a child, Scott Caan, into their lives. Sheila’s paternal grandfather, Scott Ryan, inspired the name Scott.

Net Worth

Sheila Marie Ryan lived in luxury for most of her life. That being said, by Hollywood standards, she was not wealthy. Approximately $2 million was the estimated value of her estate at the time of her passing. This number, though, might be exaggerated.

Her ex-husband James Caan was estimated to have been worth $20 million at the time of his death. He was a gifted actor.

Late Sheila Marie Ryan Cause Of Death

Sheila Caan’s life wasn’t that great despite having a fantastic career and notoriety. She had to deal with a cancer battle that nearly put an end to her career following the breakdown of her marriage. It took place during her peak professional years. 

Some reports state that Sheila received a cancer diagnosis in the late 2000s. Although she received treatment, it was too late for her. The illness developed and spread quickly. In the end, she passed away in Canoga Park, California, on September 18, 2012. At that moment, her loved ones were all around her. 

September 22, 2012, was the date of her funeral service. And Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth, California, is where she is buried. Her family kept Sheila Caan’s cause of death a secret from her. But everyone assumed it was because of the terrible illness.

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