How to Use Kiddions Mod Menu GTA 5

GTA V has been an immensely popular game with a dedicated community of players. The introduction of mod menus has added a new dimension to the game, allowing players to customize their experience and access features that are not available in the standard game.

One such mod menu is Kiddions, which offers a wide range of features to enhance the gameplay. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to use the Kiddions mod menu.

[Tutorial] How to Use Kiddions Mod Menu 2024?

You probably have installed the Kiddions mode menu to have infinite money, amazing modded cars, great modded weapons and get rid of getting killed. But you may often get confused about how to use the menu and which key will do what. Don’t worry, you are at the right place to learn these things.

This guide is intended for individuals who are interested in exploring Kiddion’s Mod Menu or those unfamiliar with its features.


  • Leave Online: Takes you to singleplayer.
  • Go to Creator: Launches the creation menu for the game mode.
  • Choose Character: Takes you to the character creation and selection menu.

Kiddions Mod Menu Online Session

  • Go: Directs you to a random lobby.
  • Join Public: Takes you to a random public lobby.
  • Start New Public: Launches a fresh, unoccupied public lobby.
  • Closed Crew: Exclusive lobby for your crew.
  • Crew Session: Opens a crew-only lobby.
  • Closed Friend: Accessible only to your friends.
  • Find Friends: Takes you to a lobby where your friends are present.
  • Solo: Creates a session exclusively for you.
  • Invite Only: Launches an invite-only private lobby.

Kiddions Mod Menu Player

  • God Mode: Renders the character immune to injury.
  • Aqua Lungs: Fills and maintains the breath bar.
  • Waterproof: Allows the character to sink to the bottom of water.
  • Nightvision: Enables night vision immediately.
  • Thermal Vision: Provides thermal vision to detect heat.
  • Blackout: Removes lighting from surroundings, noticeable at night.
  • Gamepad Assisted Aim: Toggles Assisted Aim for game controllers.

Health Boost

  • Normal: Default health.
  • Increased: Approximately double the health.
  • Bulletproof: Immune to bullets (vulnerable to other harm).
  • Heal Player: Fully recovers health and armor.
  • Suicide: Instantly kills the character.
  • No Gravity: Prevents movement downward due to gravity.
  • No Ragdoll: Prevents being knocked into ragdoll.
  • Seatbelt: Prevents being knocked off bikes or exposed vehicle positions.
  • Everyone Ignore: NPCs will not shoot at you.
  • Cops Ignore: Police on foot will not shoot at you.

Wanted Level

  • Setting the Number: Sets the wanted level.
  • Never Wanted: No wanted level.
  • Freeze Wanted Level: Locks the current wanted level.
  • Run Speed: Increases walk and run speed.
  • Swim Speed: Increases swimming speed.
  • Super Jump: Increases jump height tenfold.
  • Undead Offradar: Permanently keeps you hidden on the radar.


  • Handling Mass: Weight of the car affecting collisions.
  • Up Shift/Down Shift: Time to go up/down a gear.
  • Brake Force/Handbrake Force: Time to slow down.
  • Initial Drive Force/Gears: Power of the first gear/Number of gears.
  • Traction Curve Min/Max: Traction in rear/front tires.
  • Suspension Force: Bounce after falling.
  • Collision Damage Multiplier: Statistical damage from collisions.
  • Weapon Damage Multiplier: Damage from bullets and weapons.
  • Deformation Multiplier: Physical change from collisions.
  • Engine Damage Multiplier: Damage to the engine.

Model Features

  • Jumping Car: Adds vertical boost feature.
  • Parachute: Enables parachute deployment.
  • Rocket Boost: Adds a boost feature similar to Rocket Voltic.

Extra Flags

  • Toggle flags for various vehicle features.


  • All settings apply vehicle modifications available in Los Santos mod shop.


  • Various options for weapons loadout, ammo, and characteristics.


  • Set weather, upgrade money pickups, and various kill options.


  • Teleport to waypoint, objective, vehicle, or any pickup.
  • Teleport to specific locations (use cautiously in public lobbies).


  • Various options to modify game tunables.


  • Temporary unlocks for the current game session.

Online Services

  • Various settings for bunkers, casinos, MCs, nightclubs, and more.

Online Vehicle Spawn

  • Unlock and spawn various vehicles.

Online Protection

  • Disable, freeze, or protect against various harmful actions.


  • Options related to script functions.

Menu Settings

  • Adjust menu position, viewable items, opacity, and more.


  • Save and reload configurations, or quit the mod menu.

This complete guide aims to present the information in a manner that will be understandable by each and every gamer who is willing to install the kiddinos mod apk. Hopefully, this was helpful for you.

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