How to Add Scripts to Kiddions Mod Menu

Are you interested in understanding how to add scripts to the Kiddions Mod Menu? Then you are at the right place, as a complete guide on adding scripts to the Kiddions Mod Menu is given here.

The Kiddions Mod Menu offers multiple scripts for enhancing gameplay, including money-related hands. You can find many such scripts on different platforms, for example, the Kiddions Mod Menu website or the Modest Menu Lua Scripting Megathread on UnKnoWnCheaTs. You can also join the Kiddions Modest Menu Discord server to access more scripts.

All these scripts can provide amazing features like money removal, a player menu, weapon options, and money options. Some scripts are designed explicitly for Kiddions Mod Menu, such as the “Money Loop for 1.60,” which works very well with Kiddions Mod Menu.

In this writing, we have written down the complete guide to add scripts to the Kiddions Mod Menu. Also, as a bonus, a short list of -the most popular and useful scripts is added along with their benefits.

Complete Guide to Add Scripts to Kiddions Mod Menu

To add scripts to the Kiddions Mod Menu, follow these steps:

  1. Find a script: Look for scripts compatible with the Kiddions Mod Menu. You can search for them on forums like UnKnoWnCheaTs or Discord channels dedicated to Kiddion’s Mod Menu.
  2. Download the script: Once you find a hand that suits your needs, download it. The script should be in a.lua file format.
  3. Place the script in the correct folder: After downloading it, place it in the appropriate folder within your Kiddion’s Mod Menu installation. This is usually the “scripts” or “lua” folder.
  4. Load the script: Launch Kiddion’s Mod Menu and make sure the script is loaded. This process may vary depending on the script and the version of Kiddion’s Mod Menu you use.
  5. Configure the script: Configure the script according to your preferences. This may involve setting up buttons, menus, or other Kiddions Mod Menu interface options.
  6. Test the script: After loading and configuring the script, test its functionality within the game. If you encounter any issues or need further customization, refer to the script’s documentation or the community forums for assistance.

If the script doesn’t appear in the “scripts” menu, you can check the menu settings or join the Kiddions Discord server for further assistance.

Most Popular and Useful Scripts

There are various popular scripts available for the Kiddions Mod Menu, and the most popular ones are:

  1. Silent Night: This script is one of the most potent scripts for the Kiddions Mod Menu. It provides a wide range of functions, including the player menu, weapon options, money options, and trolling. It’s an entire submenu for Kiddion’s Modest Menu and is similar to the Ultimate Menu and Ultimate Controller scripts.
  2. Warehouse / Simple Manager Script: This script allows you to edit the bunker, club, CEO missions, and hangar business to maximize payouts.
  3. Money Loop for 1.60: This script has been reported to work well with the Kiddions Mod Menu and provides options for making a lot of money.
  4. Powerful All-Rounder: This script extends the functions of the Modest Menu in many ways and is an all-rounder for various features.
  5. Ultimate Menu: This script is similar to the Silent Night script and has its own sections with options for unlocks, online protections, and much more.
  6. Character Model Changer: This script lets you change your character model to become an animal or an NPC.

Few other Frequently Asked Questions Related to Scripts

To understand what scripts are and why you may require these, some frequently asked questions related to scripts are answered briefly below:

What are scripts, and how do I add them?

Scripts are additional features or modifications that can be added to the Kiddions Mod Menu. To add them, you can download the script and place it in the “scripts” folder within the Kiddions Mod Menu directory.

What scripts are recommended for Kiddions Modest Menu?

Various scripts are recommended for Kiddions Modest Menu, including those for heists and other functionalities. Users can find a variety of scripts in dedicated threads and forums such as UnKnoWnCheaTs.

What scripts are you using, and why?

Users discuss the scripts they are using and their reasons for using them in this Reddit thread.

What are some must-have scripts?

Users share their favorite scripts, such as SimpleVehicleOptions.lua, which allows cars to run even after getting out and changing license plates.

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