How Long Does Smoked Salmon Last? A Comprehensive Guide

Using smoked salmon in cooking is a fantastic way to give your dishes flavorful, distinctive touches. Its smoky, salty taste can elevate anything from delicious sushi rolls to smoked salmon cakes. So, how long does smoked salmon last?

The amount of time that smoked salmon can be stored depends on how it is packed and smoked. However, smoked salmon will normally keep in the refrigerator for two to three weeks if it is not opened. You should finish it all within seven days of opening the package.

After all, there are a few key factors that determine how long smoked salmon keeps fresh. These consist of how it is stored and packaged as well as how it is smoked. 

Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon?

Typically, vacuum-sealed packs of smoked salmon are available, which are excellent for freezing. Nothing needs to be repacked or done. You can simply take the container and place it in the freezer.

You must properly wrap any leftover smoked salmon if you want to freeze it. The package should be sealed in a freezer bag to prevent that. In the freezer, smoked salmon that has been frozen should stay fresh for several months.

The refrigerator is king when it comes to defrosting frozen fish. The fish should be thawed in the morning after you place the package in the refrigerator the night before you need it.

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How Long Does Smoked Salmon Last?

While the shelf life of all varieties of smoked salmon is quite similar, there are some minor variations based on the type of salmon and the state of the package.

Every packaged smoked salmon has a shelf life indicated by an expiration date. After the day they were packaged, their typical storage life is a few weeks. That being said, smoked salmon does not necessarily need to be thrown out at that point.

You can store smoked salmon longer after it expires if its shelf life is longer. You can store the smoked salmon for an extra two to three days, for instance, if the package says it keeps for two to three weeks unopened.

On the other hand, some brands make salmon that has been specially smoked and has a longer shelf life. After the expiration date, you can store this fish for an additional week.

How to Store Smoked Salmon?

It should come as no surprise that smoked salmon needs refrigeration because it is almost always found in the store’s refrigerated section.

Make sure to put it in the refrigerator as soon as you return home from your trip to your neighborhood grocer. Even though leaving it out at room temperature for thirty or even an hour won’t cause it to spoil, doing so is undoubtedly unhealthy.

Feel free to store it in the pantry or in a dark cabinet in the kitchen if the package is left out of the refrigerator and the label makes it clear that it can be kept at room temperature. However, make sure it’s out of direct sunlight and heat sources. Should you be unsure, chill the fish.

If the original packaging can be sealed, do so and store it in the fridge. If not, place the container inside a freezer bag for added security. This will both contain the smell of the fish and shield the smoked salmon from the smells of the refrigerator.

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Smoked salmon needs to be refrigerated. You might be surprised to learn that fish like smoked salmon freezes well. It is already vacuum-sealed and ready to freeze in its packaging. This implies you can purchase large quantities of smoked salmon and freeze the majority of it unaltered. It keeps for about three months in this state, and for the longest shelf life, slowly defrost it in the refrigerator. 

The majority of purists, however, won’t be pleased with this response since, well, food is never quite as good when frozen as it is when it’s fresh. Thus, we would advise against doing this unless it is absolutely required. Fresh fish is always of the highest quality. In the event that you are freezing smoked salmon that has been opened, make sure to place it in a freezer bag and remove all of the air.

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