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David Soul is an American singer-actor best known for his role as Detective Kenneth in the 1970s films Star Trek, and Casablanca. The Yellow Rose and many others. David Soule was born in Chicago on August 28, 1943, Illinois to Dr. Richard W. Solberg and June Johan ( Nelson) was born near. 

Early Life

His father was a Lutheran minister, professor of history and political science, and director of higher education for the Lutheran Church in America, now part of the ELCA. He was also a senior representative of Lutheran World Relief during the Reconstruction of Germany. World War II from 1949 to 1956 and his mother was a teacher. Both Sol’s grandfathers were missionaries, during his younger days, the family moved a lot due to the nature of his father’s work.


Sol attended Sioux Falls Washington High School before enrolling at Augustana College, where his father taught science and political science. Two years later, Sol left and moved to Mexico, where he studied at the University of the Americas in Mexico City, changing his career path. David was inspired by his friends at university, who even taught him how to play the guitar, and he decided to change his career path and follow his passion for music.

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Height and Weight

Although his height is 6′ 53′ feet and 185 cm in inches and centimeters, his weight is 176 pounds and 80 kg.


David Soule first came to light when he performed as “Covered Man,” explaining, “My name is David Soule, and I want to be known for my music.” In the same year, he made his television debut in the movie “Flipper”.

He landed the role of Joshua Bolt in the TV program “Here Comes the Bride” co-starring Robert Brown, Bobby Sherman and Bridget Hanley. The series ran on the ABC network from September 25, 1968 to September 18, 1970. His breakthrough came when he played Detective Ken Hutchinson “Hutch” on Starsky & Hutch, a role he played from 1975 to 1979. He directed three episodes of the show, namely: “Huggie Can’t Go Home” in 1979. , “Manchild on the Street” in 1977 and “Survival” in 1977.

In the mid-to-late 70s, Soule returned to singing as before and with the help of producer Tony Macaulay, he recorded several hits including: “Don’t Give Up on Us” (1977), a hit that reached no. .1 in the US and UK, “Silver Lady” (1977) which topped the charts in the UK. Soul did so well with his music that he had five UK Top 20 singles and two Top 10 albums from 1976 to 1978. He also traveled extensively in the United States, Europe, the Far East and South America.

Net Worth

We all know that it is almost impossible to tell someone’s net worth and how much he earns every month. According to various sources, has an estimated net worth or net worth. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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Personal Life

He was married five times; He has five sons and one daughter. In 1964 he was first married to Miriam “Mim” Solberg, an actress, the marriage lasted only a year and they had one child together. In 1968 he married another actress, Karen Carlson, and they also had one child but in 1977 The divorce was final.

He remarried to Julia Nixon in 1988, they are blessed with a child, a songwriter/singer named China Soul and his fifth marriage to Helen Snell in June 2010 but since then they have been in a serious relationship. 2002.


Soul became well-known as a result of his television series and films, which attracted a large following and allowed him to make a solid living. He has built a multi-million dollar business through his incredible talent

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