What To Serve With Salmon Patties? Most Delicious Side Dishes

What to serve with salmon patties? You can enjoy salmon patties in many different ways because they are a delicious and adaptable dish. The right side dish can make all the difference in a meal, whether it’s being made for a special occasion or a quick weeknight supper.

If you want to keep things light, the best side dishes to serve with salmon patties are spicy cucumber salad, green beans, watermelon, feta, and mint salad. Fried rice, mashed potatoes, and lemon-herb quinoa are more substantial options for those seeking a heartier meal.

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re trying to figure out what side dishes go best with salmon patties. You’ll find lots of ideas here to help you prepare the ideal dinner.

What To Serve With Salmon Patties?

We’ll go over some of the top sides to go with salmon patties in this roundup. With wholesome salads and cozy sides, there’s something for every palate. Therefore, these suggestions will definitely motivate you to elevate your salmon patties, regardless of whether you’re searching for a lighter and more refreshing side dish or a heartier meal.

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Fresh Salad

Since salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, you probably already know how beneficial it is to your health. Serve it with a simple fresh salad if you want to keep up this healthy trend. You can’t go wrong with crunchy textures and vivid colors when choosing vegetables.


The traditional cole slaw is another relatively healthful side. It pairs well as a side dish with a variety of fish dishes because it is so vibrant and refreshing. Rich and flavorful, the cole slaw never overpowers the main attraction of the dish. It’s also quite simple to make!

Fried Okra

Try it for yourself; you might be surprised at how well this Southern classic pairs with salmon patties. The softness of the fishcakes is wonderfully contrasted with the crispy, fried edges. Fried okra is also incredibly simple to make; just coat it with batter and cook it until it turns golden brown.

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

There are just two primary ingredients that are readily available throughout the year. Cucumbers and tomatoes both have the ideal amount of fresh juice that complements salmon patties so well. Of course, the pairing of red and green is very beautiful! 

Mango Strawberry Salsa

This salsa is ideal for pairing with salmon patties because it is sweet, spicy, aromatic, and complex. There is everything you need in this salsa. For a little tart sweetness, add some strawberries. The taste of mangoes is tropical. Additionally, tastes of blackberries add a hint of tartness.

Classic Potato Salad

The delicious and comforting flavor of potato salad goes well with the distinct yet traditional flavor of salmon patties. This is a modestly sized side dish to go with your entrée. Additionally, the flavor will only improve after an overnight refrigerated period.

Soft and Spongy Dinner Rolls

To make a more substantial dinner, you could chop up your dinner rolls and assemble a mini-salmon burger. They go well with curries and can be eaten on the side or topped with other vegetables and sauces of your choosing.

Garlic Roasted Carrots

This is possibly the simplest but most delicious side dish to go with a salmon burger. One or two ingredients will do. The flavor of the carrot wells is enhanced by the chopped garlic that is infused into the oil. The roasted carrots’ tender crunch makes a delicious complement to the salmon patties.

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Blackened Broccoli

For those looking to elevate their salmon burger game, this recipe for blackened broccoli is the most sought-after side dish. The combination of fresh broccoli, garlic, olive oil, butter, sesame oil, and pepper gives it a pleasant smoky flavor.

Cilantro Lime Rice

You should not be concerned that the flavor of your salmon patties will be overwhelmed by this cilantro lime rice recipe. Together, they taste amazing! Before properly cooking, sauté your uncooked rice with onion and garlic to add a little more flavor.

Final Words

Some people find it difficult to cook simple side dishes because they believe the recipes are boring. Creating a filling and substantial supper does not require presenting elaborate side dishes on the table. All you need are side dishes that enhance the flavor of your main recipes without taking over.

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