Parker Schnabel Is Ready To Marry At A Very Young Age, Finally!!!

Parker Schnabel, the American TV personality and star of Gold Rush, rose to prominence in his career at a very young age. However, in addition to becoming well-known as a youthful and successful TV personality, he has also found success in his romantic life, which includes his girlfriend. Also, Parker Schnabel is ready to marry at a very young age. You may interested to know about it. So, let’s explain the whole matter in the following sections.

Who is Parker Schnabel?

Born on July 22, 1994, Parker Schnabel is a gold miner and reality TV star based in Alaska. Parker started gold prospecting at his grandfather’s John’s Big Nugget Mine in Haines, Alaska, when he was five years old. Parker moved to the Klondike at the age of 18, renting land from the renowned Tony Hebeets. 

Parker’s mining explorations over the last three years have taken him all over the world, from Guyana and Papua New Guinea to the famous Chilkoot Pass during the Klondike Gold Rush. He is now committed to growing his company and figuring out fresh approaches to prolong the season all year long.

The American reality TV personality is excited for the upcoming second season of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, a Gold Rush spinoff that will premiere on Discovery Channel on March 30, 2018.  Leaving heavy mining equipment behind in the show, Schnabel will be teaching the locals how to mine gold with just simple hands and tools. 

About Parker Schnabel’s Marry:

Parker Schnabel, John Schnabel’s grandson, assumed control of the family’s gold-mining company and rose to prominence as one of the industry’s youngest and most prosperous figures. 

Regarding romantic relationships, the well-known gold miner has been seeing Australian blonde Ashley Yule. When the couple met for the first time in Australia, they hit it off right away. 

Although they had to break up because their relationship couldn’t work out, it was supposedly a wonderful one. Although he is currently single, there’s a good chance he’s dating someone secretly.

That’s where Parker and Ashley connected, and that’s where their love relationship began. They were frequently spotted together, and he even acknowledged that he was in a committed relationship.The two of them had a strong bond.

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Relationship With Tyler Mahoney:

He worked with Australian model and fellow gold miner Tyler Mahoney in 2020, for the fourth season of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Her roles in Gold Rush: The Dirt and Aussie Gold Hunter made her most famous. 

Because of their convincing professional chemistry and the fact that Parker wasn’t dating at the time, there were rumors of a relationship circulating. It turns out that they were simply friends and that no romance developed during their time together, despite what those claims might suggest. 

Relationship With Sheena:

The news that Parker and Sheena were dating broke in 2018. Yes, you read correctly: the miner’s Instagram photo with Sheena put him in the spotlight.

Sheena and Parker’s relationship and the reasons behind their bond were the subject of various posts by fans and the media.Parker and remained silent in response to every inquiry made against them. Sheena and Parker were seen sitting next to each other in a photo.

Sadly, the image was rather meaningless because there was no caption below it stating that any criticism of them was unfounded rumors.

Is Parker Dating Anyone Now?

Parker does not seem to be dating anyone at the moment, at least not that has been made public. It appears that he is single based on the absence of any evidence of a significant other on his Instagram grid.

In 2017, Parker received his own spinoff program, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, due to his immense popularity among viewers. Fans watched as Parker braved the dangerous and intimidating Klondike Gold Rush trail in search of gold, all in memory of his beloved grandfather. 

Although the original plan was for a miniseries, Parker’s star power made Discovery decide to give the miner six seasons.


People are very eager to learn more about Goldminer, and Parker’s fan base is among them. A new rumor about them surfaces every day. It’s true that they are still dating; Tyler Mahoney is the fortunate one who is in a romantic relationship with Parker. Because of their similar perspectives on work and occupation, they are both in the hunt for gold nuggets and share a bond.

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